Sticking with modern or reviving the old?

The goal for standard Bavarian is clearly to create a language that resembles the modern living language. Sadly some words have gotten lost in recent years (especially names for days, months, countries, etc.).

The question is, should we use the modern, often heavily influenced by German, words, or should we try to revive the partially forgotten ones?

Example of this would be the word for Tuesday, Iada (Old Bavarian), Dinsdåg (Current Bavarian), Dienstag (German).

There are many more examples like this and personally I am in favor of reviving the words that make sense to revive, words that are still spoken by the old people. This topic can have a wide range of opinions though, so I would like to hear what everybody has to say.

Introduction and, yay it’s the first post!

Welcome to the blog / discussion bit for the standard of Bavarian.

You are welcome to discuss everything you see on here and our main page

The aim of a standard for Bavarian is people’s happiness, consistency, versatility, preservation, simplicity and complexity. Not all of these things can live in perfect harmony with each other, so our job is to discuss every aspect of it, so that we get a standard that is solid.

Enjoy your time here, and please share your thoughts!